Celtic Building Company, LLC

Residential Remodels, New Construction,
Commercial Tenant Improvements

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information about Celtic Building Co., LLC


We are a small Boise-based general contractor with expertise in both residential and commercial construction projects.  Please take a moment to review our qualifications and keep us in mind for your future projects.


Our experience as a general contractor and construction manager is extensive.  We have been involved in projects ranging from small residential remodels and additions to construction and construction management for large residential communities.  We have experience in commercial tenant improvements, restaurant construction and multi-family town homes. 


We can assist you on your project with design, budgeting, project management and site supervision.  Our full service construction management helps our clients complete a successful project.  Celtic Building Co., LLC is committed to staying ahead of the competition by providing value-driven and highly professional pre-construction services to help guide our clients through the maze of code regulations, constructible design, cost review, permits, and schedules.  With this approach, we help our clients create maximum value for their projects.


We hope this introduction is sufficient for an invitation to submit a proposal for your next project. It would be our pleasure to meet in person to discuss what we can do for you in the future.


Thank you again for your time and consideration.


Celtic Building Company, LLC,


James MacIsaac – Manager